Crispy Vegan Oriental Dan Dan Noodles

Dan dan noodles are a traditional noodle favourite that combines sweet, salty and spicy flavours, along with Meatless Farm‘s plant-based crispy mince. Combine with our vegan noodles.

It’s called 担担面 in simplified Chinese and 擔擔麵 in traditional Chinese, and originates from Chinese Sichuan cuisine.

The name refers to a type of carrying pole (dan dan) that was used by walking street vendors who sold the dish to passers-by. The pole was carried over the shoulder, with two baskets containing noodles and sauce attached at either end. As the noodles were affordable due to their low cost, the local people gradually came to call them dandan noodles, referencing the street vendors. The name translates directly as “noodles carried on a pole”, but may be better translated as “peddler’s noodles”.

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