Pea Pesto Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Rocket

Not everyone’s idea of fun is shovelling protein shakes into their faces.  Sometimes you want to have a delicious meal, with the added bonus of protein instead.

We’re going for a double whammy of pea protein in this dish; the pea protein infused into our Pure Pasta range, and the peas in the pesto sauce. Why you ask? They’re delicious and they offer 8 grams of protein per cup! They also create an ultra creamy base for this pesto infused with basil, Italian parsley, garlic, lemon juice, and vegan parmesan cheese.

This makes a great meal option for both dinners and lunches, and since it only takes 30 minutes to make, it’s easy for a mid-week meal option.  It’s an easy combination of comforting and healthy. Plus it keeps in the fridge for three days, making it a good option for a to-go meal after a workout or at the office.

Our vegan pasta is 100% plant-based and is available direct for next day delivery. Click here to purchase!

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