Skyr Apple Oat Raisin Protein Yoghurt

Skyr is a traditional Icelandic fermented milk product that is thicker and creamier than classic yogurt.  High in protein, fat-free, high in calcium and contains probiotics. Apple Oat Raisin flavour.

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Skyr Apple Oat Raisin Protein Yoghurt

Within the range of Wellside protein products, the line of Skyr Icelandic-Style yoghurts particularly stand out because they fit perfectly into the global trend of pursuing a healthy lifestyle and a healthy and balanced diet.

High Protein Content

Due to its high protein content, the high protein Skyr yoghurt is much thicker and creamier than classic yoghurt, resembling fresh cream cheese in texture and consistency. It is convenient and suitable for consumption at any time, alone or in combination with fruit, seeds, nuts and honey as an extremely nutritious and tasty high-protein meal that is almost fat-free.‘ Wellside high-protein Skyr contains 22g of protein, while fruit variants contain 18g of protein per portion, so they are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a slightly sweetened, nutritious and tasty high-protein meal.

Quality Ingredients

In order to produce 1kg of Wellside high-protein Skyr natural Icelandic-style yoghurt, approximately four litres of skimmed milk are required (contains lactose).

Range of Flavours

  • Natural
  • Vanilla Bourbon
  • Strawberry
  • Apple Oat Berry
  • Fruits of the Forest

More Information

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Additional Information

Suitable for Vegetarians.
200g Size.


Our range of vegan and vegetarian products are ideal for the food service and hospitality industry. Our range of ambient, chilled and frozen products are delicious and convenient. We deliver throughout the UK as standard. Contact us if you are interested in international delivery.

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