Spicy Thai Vegan Ramen

Today’s ramen is becoming a different beast entirely from its traditional roots.  This recipe is for spicy Thai vegan ramen.  When you want something warm this Thai ramen soup is all wrapped up in one great weekday dinner recipe.

If you’re a fan of Thai soup this recipe is a twist on the classic Thai Tom Yum soup which features fragrant ingredients like lemongrass, galangal ginger and kafir lime leaves. If you’re reading these ingredients and thinking where exactly do I find those?! Most Asian grocery stores will have these ingredients.

The soup then gets some traditional Japanese flavour added to it with some shiitake mushrooms and our vegan tagliatelle as an alternative to the ramen noodles.

If you can’t find galangal ginger, you can substitute this with regular ginger. If you can’t find kafir lime leaves, you can substitute with a squeeze of lime juice. This soup is totally customizable!

You can use either fresh or dried shitake mushrooms in this soup. We like using fresh ones best, but either will work just fine!

For the Thai curry paste, double check the ingredients of the brand you buy if you want to ensure that the recipe is 100% vegetarian/vegan friendly. Some Thai curry pastes will contain shrimp paste in them, so just make sure the one you get doesn’t contain shrimp paste.

Order your online Asian ingredients:

Add our vegan & organic carrot tagliatelle for a touch of colour. Alternatively, try our hemp or spinach vegan tagliatelle.

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