Tasty Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

These Caprese-inspired Vegan Croissants will elevate your weekend breakfast or brunch to the next level! These packed-full croissants are generously heaped with all things Mediterranean and make a wonderful yet simple savoury breakfast treat that’ll satisfy your tastebuds.

There are some fantastic vegan offerings online including:

Bute Island Sheese Grated Cheese

Violife – Mozzarella Flavour Violife Grated Cheese

For an authentic Mediterranean taste, we included the following ingredients:

Croissants – warm up our Vegan Croissant in the oven. We also have available a Vegan Croissant with Nettle.

Basil pesto – we went with a store-bought vegan pesto, but you could add your own twist by making your own pesto instead.

Mozzarella cheese – use what you have at hand, whether it’s vegan mozzarella slices or replace with any other plain soft vegan cheese.

Sun-dried tomatoes – we used marinated sun-dried tomatoes and sliced them into thin stripes.

Artichoke hearts – completely optional; you can use marinated artichoke hearts but canned ones or fresh ones would do too..

Cherry tomatoes – use whichever tomatoes you have to hand and slice them up.

Rocket salad – as an alternative, you can use mixed greens and/or fresh basil leaves in this breakfast sandwich.

It’s fresh, packed with Mediterranean flavours with all the comforting buttery taste of a warm croissant. Heaven!


Our vegan croissants are available by the case, order them by visiting our Vegan Croissant page!

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