Vegan Asian Coconut Chilli Noodles

This quick and easy Asian noodle dish is both delicious and vegan if you use our tagliatelle range (we recommend whole wheat or carrot varieties).

It combines fresh vegetables with a spicy garlic sesame sauce and coconut milk for this indulgent mid-week or weekend meal that’s a rave for any spice fans.

We love spontaneity, so if you’d like to throw in some additional ingredients then we say YES! How about some shiitake mushrooms, or spring onions and a side of lime? That’s the great thing about Asian cuisine; it encourages fresh and flavourful ingredients that you can easily grab from your local grocery store.

If you’re a fan of pasta and spicy Thai food, this simple stir-fry might become a firm favourite in your family.  It’s so simple to make that you might find yourself making it time and time again.  Not only that, they’re healthier and better value than a take-away so offers the great alternative if you’re looking to lose weight, watch your salt intake or guarantee a vegan-friendly option for when you’re unsure of what to cook on short notice.

Be a champion at vegan cooking with our whole wheat and carrot tagliatelle range.  Can’t figure out which variety to choose from? Save money and time by choosing our Tagliatelle Taster Box instead!

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