Vegan Creamy Macaroni Cheese

Here’s another gorgeous vegan recipe from Francesca, a vegan Instagram blogger based in Staffordshire which combines her Loving It Vegan how-to recipe with our Vegan Macaroni to make this vegan creamy macaroni cheese using cashews.

Here she explains…

“A beige beauty. OK I’ll level with you this is the hardest thing to get a good photo of and yes it looks a little ugly BUT this was my first vegan mac n cheese and it was so easy to do!! I used Wellside Foods vegan macaroni and then made a cheese sauce using Loving It Vegan recipe!

I really liked it and next time I’ll add some vegan cheese to make it extra CHEEEEZZZZYYY.  This made four portions and I had a bit left over to make some dirty fries too!”

Make your very own vegan creamy macaroni cheese with our Dark Whole Wheat Macaroni (Organic & Vegan). It’s plant-based and 100% yummy, buy now here.

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