Vegan Mushroom Vol au Vents

The height of the eighties were always vol au vents, with so many different filling options.  This Christmas, be inspired by memories of your younger years with this vegan mushroom vol au vent recipe for a touch of nostalgia after a hectic and unpredictable year.

Soy cream is an ingredient that adds another layer to what you can do with vegan food. As much we like coconut cream/milk, it can bring too much flavour to the dish and everything can end up tasting like a coconut ice cream. Luckily soy is just about as flavourless as non-vegans claim it to be so a great addition when you have strong flavours like rosemary and mushrooms.

The vol au vents themselves are vegan already as vegetable fats are used. For the wow factor, use our Wellside Vegan Rough Puff Pastry sheets.

The garlic and rosemary inclusion guarantee a tasty and diverse taste that’ll satisfy your vegan and carnivorous guests alike.

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