We Welcome Isabella To The Wellside Foods Team!

In June, we welcomed superstar Isabella to the Wellside Foods team here in Oswestry, Shropshire as our Sales & Marketing Assistant to help expand on the existing success of our vegan and organic pasta range. As a team that is remotely working, we caught up with Izzy to see how she’s settled in, and her plans for the future of Wellside Foods.

Isabella’s words

“I am excited to be a part of such an amazing British company working with the team to gain invaluable experience. I’m looking forward to learning more about the food industry, helping to shape it’s direction whilst developing my marketing skills.

I love how welcoming the team has been; since starting three weeks ago everyone has been so friendly and helpful irrespective of where they are all based some as remote as Spain, Slovenia and even Egypt. Wellside is based in Shropshire on the Welsh borders and surrounded by countryside, which makes it a lovely place work, either remotely or at the head office.

Graduating recently from the world renowned Reading University in BSc Food Marketing and Business Economics.  My favourite module was devising a marketing plan for Hotel Chocolat vegan hot chocolate, which gave me great insight into the vegan market, placing me perfectly with the exciting Wellside Foods Vegan and Vegetarian range.

Before joining Wellside I had never tried vegan pasta let alone carrot tagliatelle. Knowing how delicious it is, it’s now one of my favourites to have (particularly with my homemade tomato-based sauce). The pea-protein Pure Pasta is also a great guilt-free lower carb pleasure for my post-workout meals and the whole range is now my go-to pasta.  I love not only the products but the Wellside ethic, we care about the environment, sustainability is an area that I’m seriously passionate about with climate change is an issue that must be addressed now, today and I wholeheartedly embrace being with the Wellside team to do our bit.

Spoilt for choice over the trying past twelve months, we have seen some really exciting vegan products become available as more people choose to cut down animal products for environmental, moral and health reasons too. As an athlete, knowing the importance of eating correctly and fuelling your body with the right ingredients I’m excited by Wellside’s flagship product Pure Pasta. Wellside Foods products are perfect to fit this need, which is why I have been drawn to work at the company and help promote the vegan, and high protein products, to help share the word about the ranges of  high quality premium products and their super healthy benefits.”

Leigh’s words

Leigh Morris, our Managing Director has this to say about our latest recruit:

“I am delighted to embrace Isabella into the exciting new team at Wellside as we see the global movement to healthier living take a firm hold.  Our duty at Wellside Foods is to ensure we wholeheartedly engage in this newly emerging vegan food industry rewriting ourselves to contribute to sustainability and environmentally sound practices without compromise.

Graduating from one of the UKs  leading Food Research Universities in BSc Food Marketing and Business Economics, particularly after such a trying year for our students, I could not have found a better qualified young marketeer as Isabella Matthews to take our business firmly in hand.  I’m looking forward to having her assist me in delivering the complex sales and marketing strategy to drive Wellside Foods into the future with a clear moral conscience.

Welcome Isabella, I look forward to an exciting future with you and thank you for choosing Wellside Foods to start your amazing career!”

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